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Rise 2 Die is an Adult Destiny 2 Clan.

We are a relaxed group of people who are LGBTQ friendly and with players from all round the world.

The clan was founded at the back end of the original Destiny during the Rise of Iron DLC, set up by Welsh Psycho and Remy HVH. They wanted to create a clan where everyone can get involved regardless of experience as with previous clans they have been in there was always small groups who only played with a select few or you had to know what you were doing before letting you join in an activity such as raids, trials etc.

Since being setup the clan has grown strength to strength due to the mixture of experienced members from the original Destiny to people who have recently joined Destiny 2. We aim to help everyone achieve their goals while having fun doing it :).

As a clan we always look to do weekly raids, Dungeons etc regardless of your ability we will help you learn and teach you the mechanics to help you complete your first or 100th raid..

We also have some excellent PVP player who go Flawless in trial weekly. They are always happy to help out to see how far they can take you. We also have a lot of fun doing clan PVP. This is a private match involving 12 members of the clan, This is one of the best ways to get to know your clan mates and also improve your skills.

If you're interested in joining the clan, we're not worried about your ability as we are looking for players who are sociable, willing to take part in clan activities and perhaps most importantly you respect your clan members as our members do have families outside destiny. 

We do like you to have Discord where possible and join our clan chat as this is where we organize teams and give support.

See you on the inside, guardians


Rise 2 Die admin team.

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