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Mental Health

At Rise 2 Die, we are passionate about raising awareness of mental health and its importance. We understand that it is not easy to talk about mental health and the struggles that come with it. That is why we strive to create a safe and supportive environment to help bring the conversation to the forefront.

We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to rise above their circumstances and move forward with their lives in happiness. 


Members Stories

 Clan members from Rise 2 Die have shared their experiences with mental health and the impact it had on their lives. Our members come from all backgrounds and all walks of life.

We believe in the power of storytelling and the importance of creating an open and safe space for people to talk about their mental health. Rise 2 Die's Discord server isn't just for gaming it is a place where individuals can speak their truth and connect with others who are going through similar experiences.

Cola Carrera

My mom was my best friend and the one person who didn’t turn their back on me when I came out. She held the ring I put on my husband’s finger and it was only a few months after my wedding that I lost her. My mom went to the hospital on March 7th because she had a UTI that wouldn’t go away. She had a fever, fatigue and the other normal symptoms that come with having a UTI. The doctors decided to keep her there overnight just because this was the 2nd time she came in about this and the symptoms just wouldn’t go away. We texted back & fourth and it was like we knew she’d get over this & then we’d all talk about it later. On Tuesday night, March 9, 2021 my mother was put into a medically induced coma because her health declined so rapidly overnight….the previous day we were talking and the last thing she told me was she loved me…my mom went to the hospital for a simple reason and now was in a medically induced coma…. On March 11, 2021 - the hospital decided to transfer her to Cleveland Clinic because it was thought something was wrong with her heart. That changed in the afternoon to my family being told she had sepsis….but then it changed again to possibly pneumonia. Either way, I knew my mom would recover and come home. On March 12,2021 at about 8:30am - I received a phone call at work saying my mom was gone. I could literally feel part of my heart just shatter. Just five days ago, I was talking with her and she said “I love you.” Today, I still don’t know how my mom died. I still cannot make sense of what happened…I still expect to see her every time I walk into her house. After going through grief therapy myself, I decided to be a spokesperson for mental health awareness and am starting school to become a therapist myself. I speak to different groups about my experience and help answer questions they might have in their time of need.

Sweep O

In a better head space now but been having a rough year this year. Fractured Left Foot in January Broke 2 ribs in April and Twisted ankle and a torn ligament on the left foot in June and with the lack of not being able to get out and about much has taken a toll on my Mental Health. I have suffered with Mental Health issues for over a Decade now. Social Anxiety Disorder and Depression. I found music helped me on many a dark day and has a special place for me now. 10 years ago I Found out the hard way that the help governments promise don't live up to expectations. I would only be helped if I signed in to a Physciatric Hospital or if I was close to acting on Suicidal thoughts. Seemingly having Suicidal thoughts was not enough to get help and was told to come back in 8 weeks time. This slap in the face made me realise the only person that can help me is me. I spent a large amount of time researching my issues and how I can work back to feeling normal again. Tried counselling but did not fit me and No one book,Article or Vid helped me out right but with everything I was able to find little tips and ideas that I could use daily to get free of my own Head and the constant negative thoughts. Being able to speak with people who have gone through their own struggles helped a lot and the feeling of suffering alone started to decrease. I have come a long way from sitting at home afraid to go out sweating and shaking with panic attacks and feeling completely alone even when surrounded by friends and loved ones to where I am today. It doesn't take much to ask your mate are they OK or if you know they have mental health issues How's the head. If they seem a bit off ask the question It could make that person's day to know that there is someone out there who cares and is willing to talk and listen to them and have a kind word to say. Reach out and talk.
Sphere on Spiral Stairs
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I had this friend when I was younger who not only got me into gaming but showed me the joys of certain games and gaming achievements (such as getting trophies) She was huge into Borderlands and I remember one day I watched her work on getting the Platinum trophy for the first game, I’ll never forget the way she expressed how happy she was to finally get it. She would try to get me into gaming whenever we could and I tried for her. One day she brought up about Destiny and how excited she was to play it and that her and I should try it out together, i wanted to. Some few weeks later her and I were out heading to.. somewhere (I honestly forgot where) when a car was out of control and came right for us, me thinking I’d try do good I pushed her out the way only it wasn’t out of the way, the car veered more and hit her. Her name was Sophie, she is the reason I’m so hard into Destiny and big into Trophy Hunting. I’ll never forget her and will always try living up to her memory.
Colorful Abstract

Emo Alex

Until my senior year of high school (for non-Americans that's last year of secondary school I believe) I thought I was a cis male who was a little gay but didn't really know what my sexuality was. I had my first irl romantic relationship with a gender fluid person. They opened my eyes to the world of gender queerness and it made me question a lot about myself and how I saw myself and what I wanted from a partner in life. At first I thought I was also gender fluid but after some time of thinking and talking to other trans people I came to the concision that I think am just non-binary, or some sort of genderless being. I am still questioning my gender and sexuality as to many those things can be life long journeys to understanding one's self. At this point I understand that the social constructs of what gender is doesn't really matter or apply to me though. To me what's important is how I view myself and how I want to express myself.




for anyone with any mental health issues I’m currently one 150mg of sertraline for my anxiety and depression and PTSD 
Over the years I’ve tried all sorts these are the only thing that balance me out at times I had a traumatic tv experience like 4 years back made a mistake and it spiraled my life out of control found out who was really my friends I lost everything my home my girlfriend my job because of 1 stupid mistake but I clawed back and found some sort of strength after I threw my car into a wall I didn’t ever want to be here but I can safely say I’m better I have a good people around me. 
destiny and this clan really help me get away from the stresses of life and I will always be here for anyone who struggles too #brotherhood. 
The picture in the background is the car assassin_spud drove into the wall.


I’m relatively young compared to most of of the members in the clan, and so I don’t necessarily have as horrible situations as others.
But I’ve been having a really hard time the past few weeks, I recently moved 1,000 miles away from my home, and everyone that I loved. And now I have a horrible relationship with my parents because I resent the decision they made, because the decision was at the expense of my happiness. So now I have to finish my senior year of high school in a place where I have nobody, and it’s really hard to make friends when you don’t want to be in the place you are. So now I just feel empty and alone, and nobody in my house understands. Everyone keeps saying that I’ll adjust but it’s not about adjusting, I hate living somewhere away from all my friends and most of my family, I don’t feel like myself. It’s been really rough on me especially because I’m expected to get good grades and do good at practice. It’s hard to focus on anything though. At the end of most days I curl into a ball on my bed listen to music for hours alone until I fall asleep. I feel like I have no direction now, I have everything figured out before I moved and now I’m just in panic trying to figure stuff out in my life.
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